VCI Powders

VCI Powders

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The Zerust®/Excor® ActivPowder™(LS)-10F is a VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) powder designed to protect metal surfaces in large voids from corrosion. This self-fogging powder combines VCI protection with a Flash Corrosion Inhibitor (FCI™) to protect against flash rust and provide long-term corrosion protection

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Zerust/Excor ActivPowder(LS)-10F is a powerful ferrous corrosion inhibitor powder for challenging applications. The exceptionally fast diffusion rate of Zerust Activ™ inhibitors enables rapid delivery of protection, even in hard to reach spaces of structural voids, tubing and cavities. It also provides effective surface passivation to protect lightly contaminated metal surfaces from corrosion. Add ActivPowder(LS) to voids to protect from corrosion after hydrostatic testing. Apply powder by sprinkling or fogging into void spaces.

To apply by spray, use a solution of powder dissolved in deionized water. Then, tightly seal the void or enclosure. At the end of its service life, ActivPowder(LS)-10F powder may be removed or it may remain in the enclosure. The powder is water soluble and should be added to any standing water that cannot be removed in the enclosure. The ActivPowder(LS) powder is a low odor and nitrite-free formula and has a REACH compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available.

VCI Powders
Part Number Product Description Packaging
460-F-00003 ActivPowder (LS)-10F Fast acting ferrous metal protection 30 pound pail
460-F-00004 ActivPowder 10F Fast acting ferrous metal protection 30 pound pail