VCI Kraft Packaging Paper

VCI Ferrous Poly/Paper ( 1 mil/35# )

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Save time and money with Zerust®/Excor® ICT® VCI Poly Kraft Paper. It provides effective corrosion protection in the affordability and convenience of a paper wrapping product. Ideal for interleaving applications and to wrap and protect metals in shipment or storage.

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Zerust ICT420-35P is a kraft packaging paper coated with a polyethylene layer containing Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs). Zerust VCI Poly Kraft Paper provides powerful corrosion protection to ferrous metals such as iron, cast iron and steel.

The kraft packaging paper is enhanced with a one mil thick Zerust ICT polyethylene coating on one side. The poly coating provides the kraft paper with increased tear and moisture resistance, plus powerful Zerust VCI corrosion inhibitors. Place the coated side towards the metal surface for superior VCI corrosion protection in the versatility of a kraft packaging paper product.

Zerust ICT420-35P Poly Paper is currently used to package and protect a broad range of industrial products including automotive power train parts as well as electrical components. Use Zerust VCI Kraft Poly Paper in interleaving applications, to wrap metal materials for shipment or storage, or in any other application where a packaging paper would be used.

VCI Ferrous Poly/Paper ( 1 mil/35# )
Part Number Dimensions Printing Packaging
300-F-00024 24” x 200 Yards No 2 Rolls / Box
300-F-00002 36” x 200 Yards No Roll
300-F-00025 48” x 200 Yards No Roll