VCI Kraft Packaging Paper

VCI 35# Multimetal Paper

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Save time and money with Zerust®/Excor® ICT® VCI Kraft Paper. It provides effective corrosion protection in the convenience and affordability of a paper wrapping product. Use Zerust VCI Paper in interleaving applications and to wrap and protect metals in shipment or storage.

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Zerust ICT VCI Paper is a high-quality kraft paper that is saturated on both sides with proven Zerust corrosion inhibitors. The product integrates packaging materials with powerful vapor corrosion inhibitors for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and multimetal parts. Use in any application where a packaging paper and corrosion protection is needed.

Zerust VCI Paper is acid-free, pH neutral, and non-abrasive. It uses Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology that is safe and does not leave a residue. The paper is sourced from responsibly managed forestry product suppliers and is fully recyclable and repulpable.

VCI 35# Multimetal Paper
Part Number Dimensions Printing Packaging
300-M-00005 36” x 200 Yards Yes Roll
300-M-00006 48” x 200 Yards Yes Roll
300-M-00032 12” x 12” (2,000 sheets) Yes Roll