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Rust Preventative - Grease, Multimetal

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For a hard-working corrosion preventative grease—use Zerust® Axxanol™ Z-Maxx or Z-Maxx LV. Z-Maxx greases provide extreme corrosion prevention for ferrous and non-ferrous metals for up to one year outdoors and two years under shelter.

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Zerust/Excor® Axxanol Z-Maxx is ideal for protecting bare-metal parts and components of machinery and equipment in extreme weather and salt-air conditions. Z-Maxx can be used for protecting parts during operation or long-term storage. Z-Maxx outperforms most petroleum-based corrosion preventive coatings and is easier to apply and remove—saving labor and maintenance costs.

Z-Maxx is a thick NLGI 2 grease and is also offered as Z-Maxx LV, a lower viscosity NLGI 0 grease. Both types offer exceptional corrosion protection while the original Z-Maxx is also a multipurpose EP lubrication grease for high-temperature range applications. Z-Maxx LV is designed for spreadability and has light lubrication properties.

Z-Maxx has very little odor and when applied in a thin uniform layer it creates a translucent film that allows visibility of the metal surface. It is hydrophobic and is compatible with synthetic rubber and plastics. For a sprayable Z-Maxx grease version, dsee information on Zerust Axxanol Spray-G.

Rust Preventative - Grease, Multimetal
Part Number Product Description Packaging
360-M-00001PL Axxanol Z-MAXX LV Thick grease 5 Gallon Pail
360-M-00001DR Axxanol Z-MAXX LV Thick grease 55 Gallon Drum
360-M-00002PL Axxanol Z-MAXX LV Light grease (spreadable) 5 Gallon Pail
360-M-00002DR Axxanol Z-MAXX LV Light grease (spreadable) 55 Gallon Drum
350-M-00023AC Axxanol Spray-G Sprayable grease (oil based) in aerosol spray can 12 x 12 oz cans / case
350-M-00023PL Axxanol Spray-G Sprayable grease 35 lbs. in 5 Gallon Pail
350-M-00023KG Axxanol Spray-G Sprayable grease 30 gal. keg (custom order)
350-M-00023DR Axxanol Spray-G Sprayable grease 55 Gallon Drum